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When it comes to finding freight that meets your needs, a great load board makes all the difference. As one of the best load boards for dispatchers and carriers alike, DAT can help anyone find what they’re looking for. DAT’s detailed listings, rate data, and state-of-the-art tools empower you to make informed business decisions at every turn.

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro)

our pick
Our “Best for Most” load board recommendation

Whether you’re looking for the best semi truck load boards, the best flatbed truck load boards, or the best reefer load boards, DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) has the most comprehensive listings in the country. DAT posts over 1 million new loads every day — with a total of 400 million loads posted each year. No matter where you are, you can get a bird’s-eye view of the most profitable loads in your area with a DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) subscription.

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

A subscription to the DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier load board is a way to build your trucking business into something even greater. With the DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier load board, experienced carriers have the tools to create a strategic business model. This option offers market insights — including lane rates and route options — to help you get the best deals possible with every load.

Best Load Boards - Evaluating the Top Boards

Check out this review of the best load board from Mike from Radco Transport, courtesy of The Asian Mai Show on YouTube.

DAT One mobile app

Our “Best Free” load board recommendation

There’s a reason why the DAT One mobile app is considered one of the best load board apps out there. As part of the growing DAT network, the mobile app is free and easy-to-use, no matter where you are. It provides on-the-go access to DAT’s super-database, which means you can find over 130.5 million loads before they’re available anywhere else.

Other load board resources for carriers

Here are four additional load boards to consider:
  • DAT MembersEdge: DAT MembersEdge is the official load board of the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). It offers all the great features of DAT, and OOIDA members get a 10% discount. 
  • Direct Freight: Direct Freight offers load postings and searches, with an updated map and helpful alerts. You can also access plenty of extra features, like weather forecasts and basic broker information to make more informed business decisions.  
  • uShip: uShip is a free load board where you can find new loads in a pinch, with a mobile app available. uShip is known for connecting consumers who need to ship loads with carriers, but they also have traditional LTL and FTL freight.  
  • Bulkloads: Bulkloads is a marketplace for bulk freight, with simple listings for new loads across the country. It’s especially helpful for bulk freight carriers, since you can communicate with other truckers on their popular forum.
How we decided DAT was the best

DAT’s biggest benefit is the scale and variety of its load board — you simply can’t find another load board with more listings. Plus, because DAT has been around since 1978, they’ve had plenty of time over the decades to learn which tools are most valuable to businesses across the trucking industry.

What to look for in the best load board

The best load boards enable you to:

  • View as many loads as possible
  • Find the best deals for your business
  • Negotiate fair rates with brokers
  • Conduct quick and easy searches
How does the DAT network work?

In our experience, the best load boards are detailed but easy-to-use. DAT offers unlimited search and post in every load board subscription, meaning they won’t surprise you with hidden fees. Once you’ve posted your truck, you can find loads in your area, and use market rates to decide which one pays best. Then, once you’ve got your load, DAT helps you calculate the most efficient route. 

How can DAT help me grow my business?

DAT doesn’t just offer the best owner operator load boards — it provides a strategic way to grow your trucking business. As any freight carrier knows, there are multiple decisions you need to weigh before making each deal. DAT’s load boards provide tools to inform each one of these decisions, from determining the most efficient route, to finding the most trustworthy brokers, to securing the best price for loads.

What should I look for in a load board?

Many truckers wonder: how do I know what the best load board looks like? Whether you’re just getting started in your carrier business or you’re looking for a new approach, DAT offers everything you need to make informed decisions. You can find more loads on the DAT network than any other load board, plus access market data for smart business decisions.

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