The Best Load Board for Brokers

What is the best load board for brokers? The experts at Getloaded examine the top options, including DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select), DAT One Office (Formerly Power Office), and DAT One Express.

DAT lists available trucks as soon as they’re posted, which means  brokers can find carriers fast. Plus, reliable carrier details and carrier monitoring help you to identify the right carrier match every time. For both new and experienced brokers, DAT is a no-brainer.

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) for Brokers

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Our “Best for Most” recommendation

When you subscribe to DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select), you can access truck listings posted on the DAT load board in real-time. Average spot rates provide insight into Market Rate Powered by DAT iQ, so you can negotiate the fairest prices with carriers. Plus, you can detect supply and demand with detailed maps of lanes across the country.

DAT One Office (Formerly Power Office) for Brokers

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

DAT One Office (Formerly Power Office) is a scaled-up, detailed load board for brokers that provides all the tools an experienced broker needs to move freight with competitive rates. The LaneMakers feature allows you to view real post/search data per lane, for a view into additional capacity options. Plus, DAT One Office (Formerly Power Office) expands the carrier monitoring features that are available with DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select).

Thousands of Brokers Rely on DAT Daily

DAT is the engine that drives thousands of freight brokers operations. T-Brothers uses DAT to post loads, search for trucks, price lanes for RFPs and generate performance reports on a daily basis.

DAT One Express

Our “Best for Budget” recommendation

DAT One Express provides a great jumping-off point and a minimal investment for brokers who are just getting started. At $145/month, DAT One Express includes a database of more than 1.3 million trucks. This load board also includes several other features that are helpful for your broker business, including on-the-go mobile access, trucker insurance info, 30-day rate Powered by DAT iQ, and more.

Other load boards to consider

Know your options with these additional load boards for brokers.

PostEverywhere: This is a free load board for brokers who need to find trucks in a pinch. PostEverywhere provides a basic load board service, without the market insights and business tools available in a more complex load board. Still, PostEverywhere is useful if you want a free way to access some of the smaller load boards in the industry.

How we chose the best load board for brokers

There are plenty of load boards for brokers out there, but only one DAT. With the largest selection of carriers in the industry, DAT offers a chance to select the most reliable capacity based on up-to-date market insights and carrier monitoring. With DAT, your broker load board isn’t just a tool for finding new carrier postings — it’s a guide to picking the best of the best as efficiently as possible.

What to look for in a load board for brokers

With a high-quality broker load board, you should be able to:

  • Post loads quickly and easily
  • Get accurate market insights to grow your business
  • Negotiate optimal rates with carriers
  • Find the right carriers without waiting around
How can brokers find the best carriers?

A successful brokerage business relies on choosing effective, trustworthy truckload carriers every time. DAT has the best freight broker load boards with a rapid view into your carriers’ safety and reliability. With carrier profiles linked to each available carrier, you can view broker reviews to understand how a given carrier has operated in the past. Then, you can track carrier progress and ensure on-time delivery by monitoring carriers after departure.

Who will see broker listings on DAT?

DAT has the most extensive truckload capacity in the country, which means your listings can reach a wide audience. In fact, DAT’s load boards are so widely used that brokers can access up to three times as many carriers with DAT than with any other load board. With the most accurate freight rates and carrier history, it’s no wonder why the experts at Getloaded believe that DAT offers the best load boards for freight brokers.

Can I post specialty loads on DAT?

You can! Whether you’re seeking capacity for reefer vans, LTL freight, hotshot trucks, or any other specialty carrier, you can find the right carriers on DAT’s load boards. Specialty equipment can also find you — just post your specialty loads as they become available, and DAT will provide a notification each time you get a match with a relevant carrier.

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