The Best Freight Load Board

We scoured the web for the best online freight load board — and DAT is it. DAT’s freight load board lets you view more high-quality loads than any other option, with detailed data including market rates, broker history, and more.

DAT offers a super-database of loads from all across the country. With millions of loads posted only on DAT, you can get ahead of the competition and access exclusive deals.

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro)

our pick
Our “Best for Most” load board recommendation

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) posts over 1 million new loads every day — and 400 million loads a year. With the most listings of any load board in the country, DAT helps truckers get ahead of the competition. A DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) subscription also allows you to view average lane rates paid by brokers, find where demand is the highest, and use triangular routing to plan the best-paying round trips.

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier load board is built for speed, convenience, and efficiency. This plan empowers experienced carriers to view and adjust search results in real-time, as well as connect with brokers who regularly post on their lanes. DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier also offers spot market rates to help you get paid what you deserve for every load.

Best Load Boards - Evaluating the Top Boards

Check out this review of the best load board from Mike from Radco Transport, courtesy of The Asian Mai Show on YouTube.

DAT One mobile app

Our “Best Free” load board recommendation

The DAT One app is a free mobile solution that enables you to find the best loads around the country — no matter where you are. It provides access to the massive DAT One Network, though features are limited without a subscription. Users of the app can also view an easy-to-navigate map that helps them locate truck stops, parking options, and more.

Other load board resources for carriers

Here are four additional load boards to consider:
  • DAT MembersEdge: DAT’s MembersEdge load board is available to members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. OOIDA members get a 10% lifetime discount on their DAT subscription 
  • Direct Freight: Though its network isn’t as large as DAT’s, Direct Freight offers free load searches and truck postings. Carriers can also use this resource to easily find direct freight from shippers. 
  • uShip: uShip is another free option that helps consumers and shippers connect directly with carriers that have extra space in their trucks. It is a little less formal than other load boards, but a good option for finding freight in a pinch.
  • Bulkloads: Bulkloads is, unsurprisingly, designed for the transport of bulk freight. Most truckers and carriers who use this free load board pull hopper bottoms, end dumps, walking floors, pneumatics, belts, or tanker trailers.
How we chose the best freight load board

DAT is the winner for the best freight load board because no one else offers more complete listings — backed by comprehensive resources to help you make the right deals for your business. DAT has been a leader in the trucking industry since 1978, so they know what carriers want and need in a load board. That’s why DAT offers unbeatable convenience, accessibility, and data-driven insights.

What to look for in the best freight load boards

The best load boards allow you to:

  • Conduct unlimited search and post
  • Find the right loads to meet your goals
  • Search for freight no matter where you are
  • Negotiate effectively with brokers
Why is DAT the best option for carriers?

With millions of exclusive listings each year, DAT’s load boards for truck freight offer a better selection than other freight matching load boards. The reliability of DAT’s load postings also gives you an edge over the competition. Because DAT offers real-time freight listings, you can view loads as soon as they’re available — and before they’re posted on any other platform.

How can DAT’s load boards help my business?

DAT doesn’t just offer high paying freight load boards — your DAT subscription also includes intelligent business features to help you maximize profits. With every load negotiation, you can take into account average lane rates to optimize your prices. You can also identify the most trustworthy brokers based on credit history, and minimize the chances of late payments.

Why is DAT a good investment?

There are plenty of reasons why DAT has the best load boards to find high-quality freight. DAT offers everything you need to make informed decisions on which freight to carry and which brokers to work with. Plus, you can find more loads on the DAT network than on any other load board, along with real-time market insights.

DAT offers a variety of subscription levels to match your interests, experience, and desired level of commitment. There are three different versions of DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge), the most popular load board, followed by DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier and DAT One Office (Formerly Power Office) Carrier.

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