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Trucking Regulations and Safety Compliance

How to Keep Your Trucking Business Legal

DAT’s experts have been helping to ensure that fleets, drivers, and owner-operators remain compliant with government regulations for over 30 years.

In the video series DAT Runnin’ Legal, the most frequently asked questions are discussed.

Got questions about fleet compliance or safety regulations? DAT can help.

How to Survive an Audit

Trucking regulations can make your head spin. Whether it’s hours-of-service logs, IFTA fuel taxes, vehicle titling, or maintenance records, all the paperwork can feel like a second full-time job. And if your company is found to be out of compliance with one of those regulations, the fines are a huge hit to your business. Plus, your truck could be placed out of service, which costs you even more money.

Luckily, there are services out there that can help you lower that risk and keep you safe during an audit. 

DAT Fleet Services can take care of your back-office workload. That includes IFTA fuel taxes, vehicle titling, driver compliance, permitting, and more.

What is IFTA?

Any trucking company that hauls freight across state lines must comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement or IFTA. The agreement lets states and Canadian provinces collect their share of fuel taxes based on the miles you drove in that territory. That means drivers need to keep trip sheets that record the miles they drove in each state or province, as well as a record of how much fuel was purchased.

IFTA fuel taxes are filed four times a year, and you must keep the record on file for four years. That includes those trip sheets and fuel receipts or tickets.

How to File IFTA Fuel Taxes

A lot of owner-operators and independent drivers spend a weekend every quarter to work on their IFTA fuel tax returns. You can get that weekend back by letting DAT Fleet Services handle the paperwork for you. This helps you to make sure that you’re not paying any more than you have to.

Three options for having DAT file your IFTA fuel taxes:

  1. Paper: Send your trip sheets, and DAT will audit them and take care of the rest
  2. Paperless: DAT can download data from your GPS or ELD system
  3. Do It Yourself: Enter the info online and generate reports


Filing IFTA reports with DAT also gives you access to a fuel optimization and routing module, which helps you plan more efficient routes, and to find the cheapest diesel on each route.

Want to know if reefer fuel can be included on IFTA? Confused by state taxes? All your questions answered in these how-to videos here.

Vehicle Titling

Each state has its own requirements for vehicle titling, and the process can get complex. Outsourcing the paperwork requirements for vehicle titling can let your business expand faster, and it helps make sure that your assets are secure.

DAT Fleet Services can handle all these titling needs:

  • Lien processing
  • Intrastate vehicle registration
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Repossession titles
  • Deficient lien processing
  • Duplicate titles

Other Regulatory Services

Need help with HOS reports, CSA scores, driver qualifications or any other trucking regulation? DAT Fleet Services offers consulting to help keep your business running legal so you can survive an audit.