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Explore how Marquee Insurance Group revolutionizes commercial trucking insurance with its all-encompassing solutions, making them a trusted provider of insurance for semi-trucks and a natural pick for trucking businesses.

There’s no denying the risks associated with the trucking industry. As commercial trucks travel the highways, a single incident can potentially halt carrier operations in an instant. This highlights the importance of securing a comprehensive insurance package, which is where Marquee Insurance Group — one of the best commercial truck insurance companies — excels.

Specializing in commercial truck insurance, Marquee Insurance Group collaborates with industry giants like DAT to offer carriers unbeatable rates and tailor-made coverage solutions. Choosing Marquee Insurance Group means entrusting your coverage to a dependable partner who not only comprehends the intricacies and unique risks of the trucking industry but is also committed to optimizing your insurance plan for maximum protection. When looking for semi-truck insurance companies, Marquee Insurance Group stands out from the pack.

An introduction to Marquee Insurance Group

Established in 2014, Marquee Insurance Group serves carriers nationwide. Their unwavering commitment to delivering dependable and extensive coverage has rightfully positioned them among the industry’s best trucking insurance companies.

Dedicated exclusively to the trucking sector, Marquee Insurance Group was designed to cater to the ever-changing demands of this industry. With offerings extending beyond competitive rates, they offer top-notch customer service with a spectrum of coverage options, from comprehensive and collision insurance to general liability insurance coverage.

Whether you need errors and omissions coverage (E&O insurance), physical damage protection, bodily injury liability coverage, or general insurance for semi-trucks, Marquee Insurance Group has a solution tailored to your needs. Moreover, they can accommodate specialized coverages suited to the specific cargo type you transport.

The importance of commercial trucking insurance

Commercial trucking insurance is an indispensable safeguard for carriers nationwide. Without insurance, the costs for repairs, medical bills, and legal expenses can be devastating.

Beyond financial security, commercial trucking insurance gives business owners invaluable peace of mind. It allows you to concentrate on core operations, when you know that you have a financial safety net against unforeseen accidents. Additionally, it instills confidence in your customers and partners, signifying your commitment to safeguarding their interests in the face of accidents or losses.

With the backing of one of the industry’s best commercial truck insurance companies, you can effectively mitigate the financial risks tied to accidents, safeguard your assets, and pave the way for a successful business. Auto liability coverage shouldn’t be treated as an optional luxury; it’s a necessity. Entrust your protection to one of the best commercial auto insurance providers like Marquee Insurance Group for steadfast, high-quality security.

The benefits of choosing Marquee Insurance Group

When it comes to selecting the ideal commercial trucking insurance provider, aligning with a company that truly knows the industry is key. Marquee Insurance Group brings certified specialists who possess an in-depth understanding of the unique demands within the trucking realm, ensuring you’re in capable hands. Choosing Marquee Insurance Group unlocks a range of benefits, including:

  • A dedicated team of experts: Amid a sea of general liability insurance companies and commercial truck insurance firms, Marquee Insurance Group stands out with its devoted team of specialists. They collectively offer over a century of experience in transportation and risk management. Throughout your policy term, they provide excellent customer service, be it through claims assistance, renewals, or dedicated account management.

  • Personalized assistance: One of the key differentiators of Marquee Insurance Group is their commitment to personalization. They acknowledge the uniqueness of every business and invest time in understanding your carrier business, crafting tailored coverage options that accommodate a variety of needs and budget constraints. Need bodily injury and property damage liability? Or you’re not sure if you need both comprehensive and collision coverage? Your transportation specialist will guide you through the process.

  • Reliable coverage: Choose from an array of essential coverages, including commercial auto liability insurance, motor truck cargo coverage, physical damage coverage, per shipment cargo coverage, workers’ compensation coverage, bobtail insurance, surety bonds, occupational accident coverage, and excess umbrella coverage, safeguarding your business comprehensively.

  • Streamlined services: Marquee Insurance Group simplifies the insurance quoting process, eliminating complexity from the equation.

  • Top-tier client portal: Access to an intuitive client portal is crucial, and Marquee Insurance Group recognizes the importance of accessibility. In the fast-paced world of trucking, every moment counts, and the difference between securing your next load or not can hinge on speed and efficiency. That’s why Marquee Insurance Group has developed a user-friendly client portal that provides instant access to certificates and policy information whenever you need it, ensuring you’re always on the go and well-informed. Their client portal operates 24/7, facilitating easy viewing, editing, and management of documents — including certificates of insurance — regardless of your location or the time of day.

  • Free safety monitoring: Prioritizing their customers’ welfare, Marquee Insurance Group includes complimentary access to a cutting-edge safety monitoring system. Designed to enhance safety measures, this tool aids in reducing accidents, qualifying for superior loads, and lowering insurance premiums.

  • Access to industry-leading insurance products: Marquee Insurance Group has forged partnerships with industry leaders and semi-truck insurance companies, enhancing their ability to provide carriers with prime opportunities and competitive rates. Collaborators include CDL360, Payhawk, NTG, OTR Solutions, PreFi, Innovative Logistics Group LLC, National Truck Protection, Motive, TruckerFi, Marquee Benefits, and DAT, among many others.

  • Marquee Insurance Group’s National Truck Protection Plan: Protecting your carrier business from unforeseen major equipment failures is paramount. Marquee Insurance Group’s National Truck Protection (NTP) Plan offers financial security against costly mechanical issues. With responsive customer service and millions in annual claim payouts, this plan ensures peace of mind while preserving your financial stability. Starting at less than $45 per week, it remains affordable and covers critical components, from your engine to your transmission.

  • Additional offerings: Marquee Insurance Group goes the extra mile with down payment assistance, fuel discounts, and in-house financing options for the services your truckers would otherwise have to spend more to use, making them one of the best commercial auto insurance providers out there for your business’s needs.

Say hello to simplified commercial truck insurance with Marquee Insurance Group

Partnering with Marquee Insurance Group grants you access to industry-leading commercial auto liability insurance. While some commercial truck insurance companies may fall short in grasping the intricate complexities of the trucking domain, Marquee Insurance Group excels. They’ve honed their services, ensuring effortless access to the coverage you need, eliminating unnecessary complexities and delivering top-tier service at every interaction. As one of the best trucking insurance companies, you can place your trust in Marquee Insurance Group’s tailored solutions that precisely align with your business’s unique needs.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with Marquee Insurance Group’s insurance offerings today!

Simplify commercial insurance with Marquee Insurance Group.

You deserve the industry’s best commercial truck insurance company on your side — whether you’re new to the business or an experienced carrier. Choose Marquee Insurance Group for your commercial auto liability insurance needs and experience a path to enduring business success through innovation, strategic partnerships, and top-tier service. Secure your insurance today!

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