Top 7 Fuel Cards for Truckers

A truck driver pulls out their fuel card to pay for fuel.

The right fuel card can make a world of difference for carriers and owner-operators — and no one does it quite like DAT and the other top fuel card providers on our list of top fuel card providers.

In trucking, few commodities are as critical and constantly changing as fuel. Truckers rely on it to power their journeys across vast expanses of highways, but the ever-fluctuating cost of fuel can leave a significant dent in the bottom line for carriers and owner-operators alike. That’s where a good fuel card can come in handy.

These specialized payment solutions can make all the difference in managing expenses associated with fuel, but some trucking fuel cards are better than others. Whether you need fuel cards for fleets, fuel cards for small fleets, or a fuel card for owner-operators, our list of the top seven fuel cards for truckers can help point you in the right direction, allowing you to save money and maximize your profits.

What is a trucking fuel card?

Before discussing our top seven commercial fuel cards for truckers, let’s first go over what a fuel card is. Often referred to as a fleet card, or a diesel card, a fuel card is a specialized payment card designed for carriers, owner-operators, and others in the trucking industry. Drivers can use the card to purchase petrol, diesel, and other fuel types along their route, making their lives more convenient and safe. After all, there’s no need for them to have large amounts of cash in their wallets or pay with a personal credit card and submit for reimbursement, a process that can be lengthy and frustrating. Instead, they can use discount diesel fuel cards for fleets that conveniently and automatically bill the costs to a previously specified account. The top commercial fuel cards will also provide features that offer insights into fuel consumption and driver behavior, such as expense tracking, fuel usage monitoring, and detailed reporting.

What are the benefits of using a fuel card?

The best diesel fuel discount programs offer a wide range of benefits. Whether you use the best fuel card for small fleets, the best fuel cards for owner-operators, or the best large fleet fuel cards with discounts, you’ll be saving money at the pump. You’ll likely save a few cents or receive a percentage discount off each gallon of fuel when using fuel cards, which can quickly add up. Just remember that most commercial fuel cards only offer discounts at select, in-network locations.

You can also significantly lower your chances of fraudulent transactions when using the best discount fuel card for truckers. Not only will your drivers have personalized discount diesel fuel cards, but they’ll also have their own pin numbers, meaning you’ll know exactly who purchased what.

What’s more, with the best fuel cards for truckers, you can gain control over your fuel expenses. You can easily instate purchase controls to limit unnecessary and unauthorized spending from drivers. Plus, you won’t have the hassle of dealing with paper receipts and fuel reimbursements. You won’t have to process reimbursements, and your drivers won’t have to worry about keeping track of old receipts. It’s a win-win.

By providing detailed reports, fleet fuel cards with discounts can take the guesswork out of your fuel expenses. You’ll be able to see a complete breakdown of your business’s fuel expenses, allowing you to identify trends to make smarter budgeting decisions.

The top 7 fuel cards for truckers

Let’s explore our picks for the top seven fuel cards for truckers:

  1. DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions
  2. RTS
  3. TCS
  4. TVS Pro-Driver
  5. Fleet One
  6. Love’s
  7. Shell

1. DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions

Whether you need help finding loads or saving money at the pump, it’s hard to go wrong with DAT. Designed with owner-operators, small companies, and large fleets in mind, the DAT One Fuel Card is ready for anything. It’s accepted at 8,000 locations and has $0 in-network transaction fees at over 1,500 locations, meaning you can save a significant amount of money, regardless of where the road takes you or your drivers. In fact, you can save an average of $0.51 per gallon but may save up to $1.73 per gallon. DAT One Fuel Card users save an average of $500 per month per truck!

The DAT One Fuel Card provides top-tier savings when used at TA Petro, Speedway, and AMBEST stations, but OTR Solutions also has a wide range of in-network locations with $0 transaction fees, such as Sapp Bros., Casey’s, Roady’s, Quick Fuel, Rutter’s, and more. Altogether, 8,000 locations across the country accept the DAT One Fuel Card, and the free Fuel Finder feature in the OTR Solutions mobile app means you and your drivers can quickly locate the best discounts.

You’ll also be able to manage cards and view detailed reports, enabling you to pinpoint any anomalies and make strategic business decisions. Additionally, loading funds is a breeze. It acts as a prepaid debit card, making it one of the best fleet fuel cards for small businesses, large fleets, and owner-operators alike.

2. RTS
RTS Financial’s fuel card program is another excellent choice that is popular with diesel truckers. Drivers can save between $0.10 and $0.25 per gallon at over 2,400 fuel stations, including Pilot Flying J and its affiliate One9 locations. The lack of annual fees associated with this fuel card for owner-operators and fleets means you’ll be able to put even more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

RTS has collaborated with Pilot Company to provide an integrated package of fuel and factoring services. By opting for this package, you gain access to benefits like same-day funding with complete transparency, loyalty rewards, valuable perks, and complimentary credit checks for over 85,000 brokers and shippers.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that some cardholder reviews have expressed challenges in reaching RTS Financial’s customer service team, and there have been observations that their services may not be as advantageous for smaller fleets.

3. TCS
TransConnect Services (TCS) is another popular choice of fuel card that offers 24/7 customer service and fair costs. With $0 transaction fees at over 1,500 in-network locations and no activation or membership fees, TCS discount diesel fuel cards are an excellent option if you’re looking to save money.

TCS has an easy-to-use app that can help you and your drivers quickly locate discounted fuel, and they’ve made funding your fuel card fast and simple. You can pay through bank wire, Zelle, ACH credit, third-party checks, and even Western Union. TCS also has a robust fuel management system that can enable you to restrict fuel transactions and itemize your fuel statements, simplifying IFTA reporting.

However, it’s essential to be aware of some feedback from cardholders who have reported occasional issues. A few have mentioned instances of being double-charged for fuel or encountering discrepancies between the charges on their fuel card and what was listed on the TCS app.

4. TVC Pro-Driver
Accepted at over 15,000 locations, powered by Expediter Services, and focused on TA Petro and Love’s, the TVC Pro-Driver Fuel Card is another top fleet fuel card that can save you money at the pump. TVC cardholders save $150 a week (that’s $7,800 a year) on average, making the $60 monthly fee and $2.50 in-network and out-of-network transactional fees worth it for most carriers and owner-operators. However, it’s important to mention that the TVC Prepaid option may charge up to 4% for same-day ACH transfers to the fuel card.

Additional feedback from reviewers include difficulties in obtaining the assistance they needed or receiving information that was confusing or contradictory.

5. Fleet One
Fleet One’s solutions were designed with growing fleets in mind, making their fuel card one of the best diesel fuel cards for owner-operators and one of the best fuel cards for small fleets. With the Fleet One EDGE Card, you can expect to save $0.12 off cash price on fuel purchases at TA, Love’s, and independent stations.

Like many of the other best fuel cards for trucking companies on our list, the Fleet One EDGE Card works at thousands of truck stops. In fact, it is currently accepted at 4,500 stations without any additional fees. Additionally, you can save on equipment, parts, maintenance, and hotels — and you can also enjoy savings of approximately $40 per tire on leading tire brands nationwide.

While Fleet One says they’re best for small fleets, some reviewers state that you won’t be able to reap all the benefits and that they feel more geared towards larger fleets. Card holders also state that it can take awhile to receive your card.

6. Love’s
Though Love’s Express Billing Program can only be used at Love’s truck stops and only pertains to QuickQ, it’s still worth considering. After all, these fuel cards for small fleets, large fleets, and owner-operators offer an average discount of around $0.14, which can be negotiated based on volume — and there are no application or transaction fees.

Overall, the program is more customizable than many other diesel fuel discount programs. Not only can you customize purchase policies and product limits, but you can also customize fueling networks, driver prompts, and reports, enabling you to see data in real-time and make decisions to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel costs. There’s also a mobile app, meaning you can manage your fleet from anywhere. Whether you’re on the road or at home, you can manage and monitor drivers, activate and deactivate cards and units, send Q-checks, and locate merchants.

However, it’s crucial to consider feedback from some reviewers who have expressed concerns about the program. They have raised issues related to transparency regarding contract terms and potential instances of information that might be perceived as misleading when dealing with Love’s Express Billing.

7. Shell
Shell is a well-known company, and their trucking fuel cards provide significant savings for Shell customers. You’ll have your pick between the Shell Fleet Plus® Card, the Shell Small Business™ Card, or the Shell Fleet Navigator® Card — and no matter which one you choose, you’ll have access to fuel rebates with discounts of up to $0.06 per gallon.

With Shell’s fuel cards for trucking companies, you can set purchase limits, view detailed fuel reports, and activate, suspend, or cancel cards online and in real-time. You’ll also be able to save money at roughly 13,000 Shell stations and can access additional discounts at participating Jiffy Lube locations.

While Shell is a big name, some card holders still report having trouble getting their card canceled. Others have stated that there are some coverage gaps when you get to a certain part of the U.S., and that rebates are only worth it if you purchase several thousand gallons of gas.

Save money with the best fuel card

If you’re after the best diesel fuel discount programs, you need the DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions. Not only will you be able to save money at the pump, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into your fuel expenses, not to mention more control over your fuel costs.

With acceptance at 8,000 locations nationwide, this card guarantees that your drivers will have convenient and cost-effective refueling options wherever they go — and the free Fuel Finder in the OTR Solutions mobile app makes locating discounted fuel along any route fast and easy!

Apply for the DAT One Fuel Card today to start maximizing your savings!

Cut costs with the DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions

Fuel is a major and unpredictable expense, but a fuel card can help you save at the pump and beyond. However, not all trucking fuel cards are created equal. Want significant savings, detailed reporting, and more? Look no further than the DAT One Fuel Card!

Start saving today by applying for the DAT One Fuel Card.