The Best Power Only Load Board

DAT offers a super-database of loads, including the industry’s largest selection of power only loads. With insight into market prices and cost-effective lanes, DAT provides the tools for power only carriers to optimize your budget. 

Truckers across the country agree: DAT offers the biggest and best power only load board anywhere. 

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro)

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Our “Best for Most” load board recommendation

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) offers all the essential features of your DAT load board, for a flat fee of $99.95 per month. With DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro), you can access the most power only listings in the country, with unlimited search and post. DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) also allows you to view 15-day average lane rates and find the best routes with TriHaul.

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) is the complete package for experienced truckers who want more out of their load board. In addition to all the listings available on the DAT load board, DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier also offers business features to help your bottom line — such as average spot market rates, route selection with TriHaul, and more.

How to Find Power Only Loads on DAT

Watch this short video that walks you through the steps to easily find power only loads on the DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) load board.

DAT One mobile app

Our “Best for Free” load board recommendation

The DAT One mobile app is a great way to access the DAT load board from the comfort of your cab. If you’re looking for a free way to find new loads from your handheld device, the app brings your DAT subscription directly to your phone. With the free app download, you can access your DAT load board from wherever you have the Internet.

Other load boards to consider

If you’re looking for free power only trucking load boards, you may want to try:
  • Direct Freight: Direct Freight offers a limited free version as well as a premium subscription. Even though this load board is smaller than DAT’s, Direct Freight is a strong option with a mobile app for finding loads in your area.
How we chose the best power only load board

With several decades in the business, DAT keeps clients coming back every month. The DAT load board has the biggest and best selection of power only loads, with a helpful range of features — such as lane rates and market prices — to help you take your trucking enterprise to new heights.

What to look for in a power only load board

When searching for the right power only load board, you’ll want a solution that allows you to:

  • Post loads on a large, comprehensive load board
  • Get financial insights to grow your trucking business
  • Negotiate optimal rates with brokers
  • Find loads on the go with a convenient mobile app
What is a power only load board?

Power only loads are loads that need to be transported quickly — but the shipper doesn’t have enough tractors or drivers in their fleet to handle the transport themselves. When a shipper has extra trailers that need to be transported, power only truckers fill that important niche. 

DAT offers the top power only trucking load board in the country, with more power only and specialty loads than any other option. For power only truckers, DAT is an investment in the future of your business. 

How can I find trustworthy brokers?

DAT has the best load boards for power only trucks, but how can you ensure that the brokers posting these loads are trustworthy? Truckers know that the most profitable prices don’t always indicate the best loads, especially if the broker is unreliable or doesn’t get your payments in on time.

To prevent frustrating delays, DAT’s broker insights help you find the most trustworthy brokers every time — with details like broker credit scores, average time to pay, and more. 

How do I search for power only loads?

A power only load is a specialty type of load, and power only truckers will need to narrow down their options to find the right listings. With unlimited searches, you can rest assured that you won’t be charged extra fees for continuing to search for the perfect load. In fact, DAT’s load boards don’t charge any add-on fees at all! With your monthly subscription, DAT has a flat fee guarantee. 

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