The Best Box Truck Load Board

Box trucks are used to transport large objects like appliances, furniture, oversized boxes, and other kinds of freight that often need to be delivered quickly — and in one piece. But how do you know whether the rate a broker quotes you is above or below average for the lane?

Box truck freight load boards can help remove a lot of the question marks when it comes to finding freight. There are a lot of options out there, and in this article we touch on a few of the best. Read on to find out which load boards we recommend.

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro)

our pick
Our “Best for Most” load board recommendation

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) gives you the best bang for your buck, with valuable features like average lane rates based on the last 15 days of market data and automatic triangular routing designed to minimize deadhead and maximize your rate per mile. More freight is posted to DAT’s network than anywhere else, making it easy to take your pick from their load boards for straight box trucks.

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier is designed specifically for carriers who know what they’re doing and are looking to take their game to the next level. The LaneMakers feature allows you to quickly find freight brokers that regularly post loads on your preferred lanes — and you can save your favorites to a preferred customer list so that their loads will appear first. DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier also lets you check market conditions, so you know where demand is highest.

The DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) load board has all the tools you need to find expedited freight for your sprinter van, cargo van, or box truck. Here are the steps needed to get your vehicle loaded and ready to go.

Direct Freight

Our “Best Free” load board recommendation

While we would recommend trying out DAT’s free DAT One app, load search capabilities are currently limited (stay tuned!). It’s still worth downloading the DAT One app, however, as future improvements are on the way.

In the meantime, you can try Direct Freight, which offers free load searches. In particular, Direct Freight has a cargo van equipment type field that makes it easy to search for box truck loads.

Other box truck load board options

If you’re in a pinch, here is another resource you can try:

NextLOAD: This free load board, launched by factoring company Apex Capital, allows carriers to perform simple searches for freight. If the broker has a relationship with Apex (indicated by a blue chevron beside the load), you’ll be able to automatically factor the invoice through Apex. NextLOAD also offers fuel card services, but doesn’t have a mobile app, which does limit its convenience.

How we selected the best box truck load boards

Our criteria to evaluate box truck load boards comes down to a few key elements. We were looking for tools that are easy to use — especially when you’re on the road — while still giving you access to an extensive freight network. We also weighed how each tool incorporates efficiency-boosting measures into its design and how well it functions.

What to look for in a cargo van load board

A quality load board offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive, real-time freight listings 
  • Easy-to-use, uncluttered interface
  • Accurate market rates to ensure you’re getting paid what you’re worth
  • Market updates and insights into conditions and trends
Can DAT help me find box truck loads?

Absolutely! The DAT dashboard is straightforward and easy-to-use, so posting your truck and searching for loads is a quick and simple process that gives you plenty of room to fine-turn your searches. There’s even a field for listing any specialized equipment you’re carrying so that you’ll be more likely to catch the attention of brokers and shippers. DAT’s database includes loads and freight data on more than 68,000, making their load boards for box trucks a valuable tool for just about everyone in the trucking industry.

Are DAT’s load boards really that easy to use?

DAT’s load boards are built to be intuitive and uncluttered, so whether you’re looking for a straight box truck load board, a 26-foot box truck load board, or a load board for the more than 70 other types of freight, DAT’s interface makes it easy to find cargo. Plus, DAT’s system lets you set alarms that will automatically notify you the moment any new listings that match your criteria become available. DAT also offers tutorials to help new users discover all the different features and tools.

What do the best load boards for box trucks cost?

Load board prices vary depending on the provider. DAT’s most basic plan starts at $45 a month, which gives you access to unlimited posts and searches for loads, broker credit data, mileage and routing tools for managing your expenses, a convenient mobile app, and more. It’s the perfect toolkit for independent owner-operators and small trucking operations. The Enhanced, Professional, and Premium packages include more advanced tools and features ideal for larger companies with more complex logistical needs and concerns.

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