The Best Hot Shot Load Board

How do you find the right hot shot load at the right price? With the best hot shot load boards, finding the perfect load is easier than ever.  A hot shot load board should make finding freight quick and convenient, as well as provide tools like average market rates and broker reviews that can help you grow your business. In this article, we’ve evaluated some of the most popular resources for carriers and put together a list of the top hot shot load boards with rates. Read on to discover the best option for your trucking operation.

DAT One Pro (Formerly TruckersEdge Pro) Load Board

our pick
Our “Best for Most” load board recommendation

With DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge), finding hot shot loads doesn’t have to be a challenge. DAT’s load board is the largest and most comprehensive freight network in the nation. With nearly 448.5 million trucks and loads posted every year, DAT helps you save time searching for the best possible loads. Plus, you can access rate insights and broker reviews to make sure you’re advocating for your business interests.

Booking hot shot freight is easy on DAT Load Boards. Watch this video from Busted Knuckle Logistics – he’ll walk you through his process for finding hot shot loads on DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge).

DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier Load Board​

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Our “Best for Experienced” recommendation​

The DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select) Carrier Load Board offers all the benefits of the DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) load board — plus additional features for experienced carriers. With DAT One Select (Formerly Power Select), you can easily see where demand for hot shot loads is highest, filter and adjust search results in real-time, and view up-to-date spot market rates. These features are available for a subscription fee starting at $149 per month.

FR8Star Carrier Load Board

Our “Best Free” load board recommendation

FR8Star is a free hot shot trailer load board that allows carriers to quickly filter loads according to their desired parameters. While FR8Star’s listings are definitely not as comprehensive as DAT’s, their free load boards list thousands of specialized loads. FR8Star also offers a convenient messaging system to help you communicate with shippers.

Other load boards to evaluate

If you’re in a pinch, here are some other hot shot resources you can consider.
  • uShip: This free online marketplace allows carriers to pick up extra shipments, including hot shot loads. New shipments are posted about every 30 seconds, and uShip offers a mobile app to help you find loads on the go. uShip specializes in loads that can be hauled directly from consumers, which can have its drawbacks. 
  • CentralDispatch: This auto transport marketplace allows vehicle shippers to easily connect with car carriers. With millions of loads posted on CentralDispatch, it’s a great resource for finding hot shot auto hauler loads.
How we selected the best hot shot load boards

To appear on our list, these load boards for carriers need to meet certain criteria. First, our top choices are convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable. They have comprehensive freight listings, including a wide variety of hot shot loads. They also include tools that help you meet your goals and find loads that serve the best interests of your business.

What to look for in a hot shot trailer load board

The best load boards allow you to:

  • Search a wide, varied freight database
  • Access tools to help your business grow
  • Negotiate better rates for your hot shot loads
  • Find the right loads anytime, anywhere
What is a hot shot load?

Hot shot loads differ from other types of loads because they are small enough to fit into a removable gooseneck or box truck. These loads often come from construction sites or oil fields and need to be moved quickly so that important equipment can be used at other locations. That means hot shot loads typically need to be delivered faster than other loads.

Why do you recommend DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge)?

To secure quality loads, you need support from the best load boards in the industry. We recommend using the DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) load board because it gives you access to the largest freight network in the nation. Plus, with data tools and insights, DAT helps you get the best rates for your loads.

How can I find the best rates?

Finding loads is an important piece of the trucking puzzle. Another essential piece? Making sure you get the best rates for your work. The best hot shot flatbed load boards go beyond simply helping you find the perfect load — they also give you the resources to vet potential partners. 

With options like the DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) and DAT One Select (Formerly Power Carrier Select) load boards, you can get insight into company reviews and credit scores as well as find information on specific lanes and average market rates to ensure you’re getting the best deals possible.

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