How to find loads and customers

Are you running dry van? Reefer? Flatbed? LTL or hot shot? The type of freight you want to haul is going to determine how you find customers. Big carriers have sales teams that sell their services to shippers and negotiate contracts. A trucking business that’s just starting out probably isn’t big enough to have its own sales team. That’s where freight load boards come in.

What's a Load Board?

A load board is sorta like a Craigslist for freight. Brokers and sometimes shippers advertise their available loads by posting where the load is and where it’s going. Truckers can search the lanes they run and find loads that match their business needs. Truckers can also post their available trucks so that brokers can call them about loads they need to move.

So in that way, the load board is like your sales force. And just like with any other sales force, you want the one that reaches the most potential customers. 

Compare Load Boards

What's the Best Load Board?

DAT offers the biggest load board in the trucking industry. In 2017, DAT and Getloaded combined networks to create one massive "super-database," with more than 159 million loads posted in 2019. More than 122 million of those loads were posted first on DAT or nowhere else. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get access to the best load board, either.

How Much Does a Load Board Cost?

DAT TruckersEdge is made specifically for owner-operators and small carriers, and the price starts at just $39.95/month, which gives you access to the super-databse. For just $69.95/month, you can also see the average rate that other truckers have gotten paid on the lanes you search.

And they have more loads than anybody else for every trailer type. Looking to get into the business by running hot shot? You can find LTL loads and partial loads too.

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