5 Nov 18

Congress passed a new highway bill, but the way it's written would leave most owner-operators and small carriers out in the cold. 

The Senate and the House passed two different versions of the bill, and the problem is in the House version. The bill includes a new carrier hiring standard. According to the House bill, a broker or shipper can only hire a carrier who:

  • Registered with the FMCSA
  • Obtained the minimum insurance
  • Has a "Satisfactory" safety rating


The last bullet would put a lot of truckers out of business. Most carriers haven’t been reviewed in full by the FMCSA, which is the only way you can get a "satisfactory" rating. Of all for-hire motor carriers, 83% are not rated. Another 3.5% are rated as "Conditional." 

Luckily, the Senate version of the bill doesn't make the same mistake. That version says that brokers and shippers shouldn't hire carriers rated as "unsatisfactory," which only affects 0.02% of trucking companies. The two versions have to be reconciled before becoming law, so the safety rating issue will hopefully get fixed then.


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Keep your ignorant ideas out of my business, I work my ass off just to have the government throw more hurdles in front of me and tax me to death. Let me work and get out of the way, idiots.


This industry since the government became involved has really gotten harder to do. Been doing this 40 plus years and every year it becomes harder and harder to earn a living Driving as a Owner Operator in the Tucking Industry. I wish the Feds would just but out. I wish they would come out here and try for a month to earn a dollar doing what we do daily away from our Families, living in a 12 by 12 rolling jail cell. I bet things would be a lot different.


Why doesn't are one regulate a broker?


How many of people from congress have been bought by the millioners? Seems to me like they're forgetting who they really work for;
Us the People of the United States of America
All we try to do by working hard is to keep the country safe and moving and they in stead of helping are always wanting to put us out of businesses. Is any body listening????


All these regs are put in place cause big trucking companies lobbying to make it harder on the owner op and small carriers. And the brokers like it cause they can find a truck that only needs to profit 5 cents a mile


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