1 Dec 29

Any trucker moving freight during the holidays knows just how important our industry is to the economy. But for some truckers, no matter how much freight they move, they still have many hardships they must overcome — and nonprofit Trucker Charity is dedicated to making sure truckers in need have the help they deserve from their fellow truckers during the holidays.

Started by truckers in November 2008 — and comprised solely of full-time truckers who volunteer their time — Trucker Charity was created out of a conversation between two truckers discussing ways to help other truckers in need during Christmas. Their conversation quickly spread, and the Christmas Program was born. While the nonprofit’s initiatives go beyond helping truckers during the holiday season, their specific Christmas focus provides money to help selected individuals and their families afford the holidays.

Truckers are able to donate to the Christmas Program in a variety of ways, including shopping in Trucker Charity’s online store, buying a special edition Trucker Charity ornament, participating in a John Deere pedal car raffle or simply donating directly to the organization. And this year’s drive was a success. Trucker Charity was able to provide 10 families of truckers with $700 each to go toward their Christmas celebrations.

Though the holiday drive is over, Trucker Charity works with truckers “who have fallen on hard times” year round to offer them the emergency support and guidance they need in all areas of their life. The group helps support them with emergency food, lodging, transportation, home and life coaching.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved in the industry beyond moving freight, perhaps connecting with Trucker Charity is a way for you to give back. As we all know, life on the road can be hard — and sometimes, a trucker just needs a helping hand.


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Alisa Dowdy
Alisa Dowdy

I am an injured trucker on workers compensation waiting for Social Security Disability.  Where I am currently staying my family is facing eviction.  It's my daughter, grandson and myself are living in the home. My daughter is on housing assistance and I am living with her out of her kindness.  If she is evicted we will not have anywhere where to go. Will someone please connect me with the proper source who can help with a $1,500.  past due rent bill? I can be reached at 7078036386 or by email, strr_tt@yahoo.com. I appreciate any assistance provided.

Truly grateful for support at out time of need.
Alisa M. Dowdy


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