6 Sep 21

Remember that MC number you jumped through hurdles to get? The one that cost you a small fortune? It looks like MC numbers are going the way of the dodo bird.

Carriers will soon be required to register through the new Unified Registration System (URS), which will get rid of MC numbers. Instead, carriers will only be identified by their DOT number.

The new rules were originally scheduled to start on Oct. 23, but the FMCSA announced last week that the plan has been delayed and that they will use a "phased implementation" of the URS.

(UPDATE, 10/28: New applicants will start using the new system on Dec. 12, and existing motor carriers will begin moving over to the new system on Sept. 30, 2016.)

Clear as mud, right? So far the new rules have probably raised more questions than they’ve answered. But here’s what we do know:

  • No MC numbers – Safety scores and your company’s ID will be tied to your DOT number only. You don’t have to take the MC number off your trucks, and you can still use it for advertising. The FMCSA wants carriers to stop using MC numbers when they buy or repaint equipment, though.
  • No “chameleon” carriers – FMCSA hopes that the URS will stop carriers who get shut down for safety violations from starting a new company with a different MC number.
  • Paperless registration – Everyone applying for operating authority or updating their info will use a new website, which is still in the works (that’s the reason for the delay).
  • Biennial updates – You're already required to update the information on your registration every two years, but once the new system is phased in, you'll use the URS website instead of Form MCSA-1. The agency will send letters 30 days before the deadline for a biennial update deadline, and you'll risk losing your DOT number if you don't comply.

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urs= unified registration system isn't that what  Ucr = unified carrier registration basically already does too?   I'm betting we don't get rid of this $80.00 per truck fee per year registration requirement that is lumped in that is supposed to identify interstate carriers.....  


if it involve s money they get from fee s don t worry they will always be the nickel n dime game they play


Why does the FMCSA start a new "program" and give a date when it will begin but never
have the website ready?  Have they ever heard of Plan Ahea




Hoss Transport LLC
Hoss Transport LLC

No you do not need a CDL for loads under 26k. Be careful and make sure you have your empty weight in mind so you don't go over.


Some states such as FL, & CA just to name a few require a class A cdl to pull a trailer with a GVWR of 10,001 lbs or more when you are for hire.  Even if the combo (truck&trailer) is registered for less than 26,001lbs.  Do your homework & read, read, read.  This is the interweb.  Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.  Check your home state's CMV handbook.  That will be your real answer.  


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