1 Dec 18

Truck drivers have been asking for it, and they finally got it: The two most unpopular parts of last year’s Hours-of-Service (HOS) bill have been suspended. Drivers are still required to spend 34 hours off the clock after working 70 hours in a week, but the 34-hour restart no long has to include two periods between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM, and a driver can use the restart more than once in a week.

The rollback became official as part of the omnibus spending bill that President Obama signed into law on Dec. 16. That bill funds the government through September 2015, so we’ll still have to wait and see if the rollback is permanent. The bill requires that the FMCSA do a study to compare the effectiveness and safety of the pre-2013 HOS rules and post-2014 rules, and the 34-hour restart rules can only be reinstated if the report finds that they are actually safer. 

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Salomon Armas
Salomon Armas

I don't agree with the FMCSA by passing those two rules and I don't believed they will find any proof to the safety of the public and Transportation Industry. By enforcing these rules what the FMCSA is doing is creating more unsafely violations. For years have they blame truck drivers for all accidents that happen in our Nation. My thoughts are leave the regulations like you had them before. If a Professional Truck driver causes an accident because of his negligent, then punished him to the maximum of the Law. But don't blame any other truck driver for somebody else mistakes. Also take another look at the other part of the problem, the regular Joe who is driving the Automobiles.


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