Oct 20

Are you starting your own trucking company? Thinking about making your spouse your business partner? Here are some questions to consider before you open that new business:

The first question is always, “How well do you get along every day?” If there are a lot of disagreements over yard work or whose turn it is to fix dinner, you may want to reconsider going into business together. Not every relationship can withstand the strain of working and living together 24/7.  

How do you do to resolve those disagreements? Do you yell until one of you gives in, or can you sit down together and work out the problem without raising your voices? Can you discuss hot button issues like the budget or a problem with one of the kids without automatically taking opposite sides of the question? Do you resolve problems or just argue about them until bedtime, and then let them simmer overnight?

Do you have the same goals for your trucking company? Do you want to stay small and local, or do you fancy yourself someday being a super-carrier? Do you want to have other employees besides yourselves? Are your management styles similar, so future employees won't be confused by one boss with a “here are your orders” attitude, while the other boss has a more “let's work this out together” style? Who will make the decisions in an emergency? 

Who drives and who dispatches? Who sells shipping contracts and who maintains the truck(s)? If you have kids and one or more get sick, who stays home with them? Does either of you have an elderly parent who's going to need more care in the near future?

Being married to your business partner can be quite an adventure and can lead to solid financial security for your entire family. If you work, do the chores and take time off together without many squabbles, you've got a great chance of making things work, and you'll be a success story that your kids and grandkids can be proud of. 

Here's to your success!

Any Getloaded members running a trucking company with their spouses? Tell us about it.

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