4 Mar 19

How often have you called about a load, only to learn that it’s too heavy for your equipment or that it’s lighter than what you’re looking for?  Soon, all loads posted manually on Getloaded 3.0 will be required to have the weight listed before they're posted on the load board, so you'll have more information up front and can get rid of some of that wasted effort. 

Get Specific about Your Equipment

With more information at your fingertips, you can fine-tune your load searches to match your equipment. With more than 40 equipment combinations to choose from, you can get even more specific with your searches. After checking the company's credit score and days to pay, you'll know exactly whom to call. 

Hot Shot and LTL Loads Made Easy

Looking for hot shot or LTL loads? Having the weight listed for each load will save you a ton of time. If you’ve already been using the Partials/LTL search button, then you should start to see even more loads in your results.

You can also get creative with your trailer space. Say you’re searching on a lane and deciding on what load to call about – if you see one that weighs 40,000 and two that weigh 15,000, you might want to call about the two lighter ones to see if you can cover both. Maybe you’re already covering a load but have some extra space in the trailer – you can do a quick search on that same lane to see if there are any smaller loads to call about and try to earn some extra money on your trip.

Fuel Efficiency

Knowing the weight of every load posted means you also know which ones are going to cost you more to haul, since a heavier load is going to affect your fuel efficiency. That’ll help when negotiating a price, too. If you’ve already called about one load and found out what it will pay, then you know that you’d need to get more for a heavier load.

Haven't upgraded to Getloaded 3.0 yet? You’re missing out on these features:

  • Expanded search results
  • Email alerts whenever a new load posted matches your saved searches
  • Manage your favorites – See the loads posted by the companies you want to work with
  • GetloadedOps – The load board integrates with your TMS
  • Optimized for mobile


See the new Getloaded in action in the video below.

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Thank you very much Get-Loaded.com. For making the weight a must fill in.


Darin Drawdy
Darin Drawdy

it should also be mandatory that they show the rate I waste more time calling on loads that pay a ridiculously low rate I cant haul stuff for a dollar a mile especially when it ways 48000


Put the rate in.  Good paying loads will go fast. The broker will know if it is a good rate if his phone rings, if not he can raise it and see what happens.  $$$ moves the world.


Agreed...Post rate. You spend most of the time calling for rates. I understand some are embarrassed about pay but, someone might still  move the load.


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