Jan 08

You've seen Smokey & The Bandit, right? If you haven't, you're missing out on a 70s classic. The movie, starring Burt Reynolds, features the Bandit's sidekick Cletus, who brings his basset hound, Fred, along to pick up and deliver some "special" cargo from Texas to Georgia. Fred was a cutie, and it's easy to see why truckers find pets great highway companions.

Yet we know time is always of the essence for truckers, so if you're considering bringing a pet with you on the job, ask yourself if you have a flexible enough schedule to allow for the kind of care pets require.

Dogs are the best pet choices for truckers (although if you have a pet pig, ferret, or other exotic animals, we'd like to hear about it!)! They're ideal because they serve the double purpose of friend and burglar alarm, says Landline magazine. Even the smallest dog can make enough noise to alert you that someone is skulking around your rig.

Which breeds are best? Good question. The best breeds are likely those that are small to medium in size, and don't require constant physical activity. That doesn't mean your puppy isn't going to need its daily dose of exercise, so whenever you pull over for a break, let the dog out to get some fresh air and to "take care of business." This is also a good time to give your pet some water.

Avoid letting your pet drink from puddles in the parking lot and from ponds or streams beside the road. "These water sources can contain parasites or deadly chemicals like gasoline, oil or antifreeze," recommends one veterinary technician with whom Landline talked.

If possible, try to keep your dog socialized. Talk to your fellow truckers to see if they ride with dogs, and have the two pets meet up for some play time.

Do you have a pet that you take on the road with you? If so, what kind?

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