Apr 21

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Unfortunately, the industry itself isn't always safe from cargo theft, especially around the winter holidays. But recently, trucking experienced a carefully planned scam that resulted in the theft of $300,000 worth of products, most of which was produce a highly uncommon target because it is perishable.

Last March, a company based out of Miami, Fla., operating under the name E&A Transport Express picked up five loads of tomatoes, a load of cucumbers and a load of frozen meat from various shippers across the state and never arrived at their expected destinations. Reports state that the thieves specifically chose loads bound for locations far away from Florida, such as Sacramento and Detroit, because the driving distances afforded them a few days to make off with the freight before companies knew the goods were missing.

Produce prices, specifically for tomatoes, have surged recently due to a frost in Mexico that wiped out many crops. Obviously watching the market, E&A Transport Express registered their company in February, specifically when prices were at their highest. One of the affected shippers reported that they even verified the company had proper registration and insurance before hiring them to move freight.

Because we would never want our members to experience a similar situation, we suggest implementing the following tips to ensure you protect yourself as much as possible from cargo theft:

  • Double-check if the driver or company is properly registered and has necessary insurance, and seek out performance reviews, when possible.
  • Ensure you've installed electronic tracking devices that follow your freight while en route.
  • Know and monitor the route the delivery will take, so you can more easily recognize when it's off course.
  • Empower all employees with security training so they know how to promptly recognize and react to a theft before or while it occurs.

Carefully control the amount of people who know about cargo or operations, as industry reports verify many thefts start within the company.

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