May 21

Spouses are finding team trucking a viable option at all stages of their careers.

Trucking companies, particularly expedited carriers, find that team trucking is a great way to make sure that time sensitive loads reach their destinations on time. And, while any driving team can get the job done, married drivers may find they are better able to deal with long periods in close quarters than strangers or even friends.

Road King recently profiled Todd and Tamera Sturgis, who found team trucking a rewarding way to earn great pay and spend more time together. And when Todd discovered a passion for ultimate fighting as a way to keep fit, Tamera discovered a new passion of her own: movie making. She began filming his training, eventually compiling the footage into a documentary called Under Pressure: A Diary of a Cage Fighter’s Wife.

If you’re the type that likes a checklist to run down for every activity you undertake, even has an article on how to become a husband and wife trucking team (a task they helpfully label as “moderately challenging”). 

As of 2001, teams made up only 2% of all drivers, so it’s important not to overestimate the impact of team drivers. But, because teams can log more consecutive hours than solo drivers, they are an attractive option for trucking companies.

But team trucking isn’t without its pitfalls, even for husband and wife teams. The confined spaces can be a strain on even the strongest marriage, and both drivers have to trust and respect each other. Having the right equipment is also crucial: the rig must be comfortable for both drivers.

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