1 Jan 24

In any business, forming good relationships with customers and working with businesses that you trust is vital to your trucking company's success. We know that throughout the course of your business, you find particular carriers or brokers that you prefer to work with whenever possible, but sometimes the stars don't align as often as you'd like. 

Our "Favorites" feature, however, can make it easier for you to connect with the businesses that you like working with more often. With Favorites, you can search for loads or trucks only from companies that you choose. 

First, you'll need to choose your Favorites. You can do this in the search results for any load or truck search, just click the small heart icon under the "Fav" column. Or, you can find new favorites and remove old favorites by going to Manage > My Favorites on your toolbar. Here you can search by company name and simply click "Add", to add this company as a Favorite. On the top half of the screen, you'll see your list of current favorite companies.  


Once you have selected your Favorites, go perform any Load or Truck search, and at the bottom of the screen, check the "Show only Favorites" box, enter other search criteria, and click Search! Your search results will only return postings from your favorite companies. Your Favorites are also indicated by a green heart in the "Fav" column in every search, so even when you're not specifically searching for Favorites, you can keep an eye out for them in your regular searches.  


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