Sep 05

The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently rolled out a new automated system to help truckers find parking, and now the same is taking place in Michigan.

Both states have cameras set up at a handful of rest areas along stretches of I-94 that keep track of how many parking spaces are available for trucks. There are signs along the highway a few miles from each rest stop that show in real time how many spaces are available. There’s also an in-cab system in place, plus MnDOT and MDOT both have websites showing where the rest areas are and how many parking spaces are available.

MnDOT says that its system, which currently includes three rest areas, is about 95 percent accurate, and there are plans to expand the system to a fourth location at a private truck stop. Similar parking info systems are in the works along I-94 in Wisconsin and I-5 in California's Central Valley.

Any truckers here run these lanes regularly? Have these signs been useful? How do you usually find parking? Let us know in the comments.

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