1 Nov 19

For small carriers and owner-operations, the playing field has leveled in a lot of ways. For the mega-carriers, the nationwide driver shortage has made keeping drivers more important than finding loads, while brokers have had trouble finding trucks all year. That's led to a lot of available freight, and per-mile rates have stayed high throughout 2014.

That trend is likely to continue on into 2015. That's even better news if you're running flatbed, since specialized loads have higher profit margins -- and more than half the trucks on Getloaded are flatbeds.

Covering your costs is obviously the biggest thing to consider when setting your prices. You probably have a pretty good idea how much it will cost you to cover a load, but maximizing your profit is a lot trickier. Getloaded members who subscribe to the Trucker Elite package can use our built-in Rate Index, which tells you the average per-mile rate for the lane a load is posted in, plus the ranges of rates and fuel surcharges for other loads that have been covered in that lane. It's a valuable rate tool at a fraction of what you might pay on other load boards, giving you better idea of whether or not you're getting a fair price for covering a load.

When looking at the details for a load, use the Rate Index at the bottom of the page to get info on rates in that lane.

Having those numbers to fall back on will save you a lot of time researching. And if you’re searching ahead of time, you can use the Rate Index to find out if a specific lane might make it harder for you to cover your costs on the way back home. 

For Truck Basic and Trucker Plus subscriptions, rate index is available as an add-on. Just call us at (888) 565-3921 or visit here to find out more.



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How much is the pay rate per mile ?


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