2 May 15


In this and future blogs on the subject of truck maintenance and repair, we’re going to get advice from Owner Operators and Small Carriers on repair and maintenance. Let’s start with tires - we’d like to hear how you get the most miles out of your tires and stay safe.

Ankle-Pik Trucking – Blackfoot, ID:
Lately we've had a lot of problems with trailer tires. So many drivers have switched from recap tires to virgin, low rolling-resistance tires. This is a little more expensive up front but saves a lot of money in the long run. They see a difference in fuel economy and it also saves a lot of time and money from recaps coming apart out on the road. Going with virgin tires, it's very important to get every mile possible out of them because they cost so much. To help get the longevity out of each tire, balance every tire to prevent any funny wear pattern and then check regularly for proper inflation. 

Buddy's Wrecker Service – Union City, TN:
Keep tires properly inflated and rotated, through weekly inspection of tread wear; and keep within 4 PSI of specifications for type of tire.

Durango Transfer – Durango, CO:
Routine checking for proper inflation and wear patterns. If necessary from wear patterns, we schedule the truck for alignment. 

Gallano Trucking – Belvedere, IL:
Due to the high cost of tires, we do research before determining which tires to purchase. Once we purchase tires, we continue to monitor actual vs. expected performance on our maintenance software. To ensure our tires get good mileage we not only perform routine alignments, but have installed PSI systems on our trailers.  

So how do you ensure you get all the miles possible from your tires? Let us know!

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r u have load in canada from windsor ont to toronto ont.?


Hi Jose - yes, we usually have some loads from those cities. Give us a call when you have chance: 1 (888) 565-3921


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