Dec 10

Back in September, we released a feature update that added a new counter that displays both shows and clicks.

Now, we've one-upped the counter to show you not only how many times your posted trucks or loads are seen and clicked, but also who is checking out your posts*!

These new features are designed to give you full information about your load or truck posts so you can really see the benefit you're getting from your load board experience. 

What's new?

Now, on your Manage My Loads/Trucks page, you get the following:

  • See which carriers/brokers clicked on your loads.
  • Data on shows and clicks of active posted loads/trucks.
  • Improved controls for managing your posted loads/trucks - Now select one or more loads/trucks to copy, rollover, or delete.
  • New repost function.


Because you can see how many times your load/truck is being shown and clicked on, you can adjust the way you post (i.e. adding more details, rate information, etc.) to increase the effectiveness of your load/truck posts so you get noticed by more carriers/brokers.

And now that you can see exactly who is checking out your loads/trucks, you can contact those carriers/brokers and see what they need to get your loads covered faster and your trucks moving.

How it Works

Here's what your improved Manage My Loads/Trucks page looks like:

View of Manage My Loads/Trucks screen.





On this page, you get an overview of the details of your load or truck, including data for shows and clicks. When you click the Details button on the right side of an entry, you'll get the following screen:












Once again, you see the data for shows and clicks, but now you can click on the clicks to see additional details of who checked out your posted load or truck. Here's what that data looks like:







On this page, you get the basic details of who clicked on your posted load or truck. To get more details, including contact information, click the View Profile button on the right side of the row you want to learn more about and you'll get the following screen:











On the top half of this page, you'll find contact information, their MC or DOT number, and their in-depth FMCSA details. Scroll down this page and you'll see their safety management scores and available loads or trucks. Here's an example:










So, there you have it. We hope this additional information will help you post your load or truck more successfully, and choose which carriers or brokers you work with more wisely - both of which can save you time, money, and get you loaded more often.

As always, please let us know if you see something on Getloaded that could work better. Most of our technology updates start with comments from our members! So if you have a good idea, give us a shout!

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