Nov 14

Whoever first said, “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” might have been correct, but they must not have worked in trucking. If they had, they would know that, sometimes, finding the best freight for your business requires more than a straight shot from Point A to Point B. Thankfully, Getloaded’s Dual Leg search feature helps turn this reality into new opportunities to find loads — and uncover profits. 

Feature: Dual Leg

What It Is

The Dual Leg search feature increases freight search results by automatically finding routes that include two consecutive loads between two specified cities — increasing freight options for members. For instance, if you’re searching for flatbed loads going from Glen Allen to Boston, Dual Leg will present options beyond the direct route, such as Glen Allen to Queens and then Queens to Boston — or Glen Allen to Philadelphia and then Philadelphia to Boston.

How It Works

Click on Find Loads under the Search tab in the new Getloaded member site. Complete the search as you normally would, including your desired origination and destination cities. In addition to your direct routes results, Dual Leg shows freight options that include two consecutive loads that will get you to your final destination. To see details for both loads, click on the plus sign beside each listing.

Why It’s Valuable

Dual Leg helps you find loads that fit your needs — even when a direct route is not available. Whether you’re avoiding deadheading or searching for the highest-paying loads, this automatic search feature helps you stay loaded, no matter where you’re heading. 

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