3 May 19

All over the country, there are trailers that need relocating. Many of them are available for loadouts. That means the company that owns the trailer will pay to have it moved, plus you can use the trailer to cover another load. With Getloaded’s new Power Only-Loadout search options, you can find those loads fast and easy.

Getloaded already had an option to search for Power Only loads, but those trailers aren't always available for loadout. To know whether or not you could fill that trailer with a load, you’d have to look up the extra information on the Load Detail page. Not anymore.

Now you can choose between four different Loadout equipment options when you search and find those loads faster.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Choose one of the PO Loadout equipment types: Flatbed, Van, Reefer, or Other for specialty trailers.

Step 2. Find a trailer that needs to be moved in the direction you want to go. For this example, I searched for any PO Loadout Vans in the Indianapolis area and found a trailer needing to go from Lafayette, IN, to Green Bay, WI.



Step 3. Search for loads that will fit the trailer and need to be delivered near the same destination. The Notes tool at the bottom of the screen might come in handy as you go back and forth between searches.

In my example, I did a van search and found a load going from Lafayette to Casco, WI.

Step 4. Get on the phone and put it all together. The loadout provider will pay a fee for delivering the trailer, and you can negotiate a rate with the second load provider like you normally would.

In the example above, I'd pick up both the trailer and the load in Lafayette, deliver the load in Casco, and then deadhead just 17 miles to drop the trailer off in Green Bay.

If you don't see a load right away that gets you close to where the trailer needs to go, get creative. You can check the Dual-Leg Results to find two consecutive loads that'll get you there, or you can use the LTL/Partial search to find multiple loads that'll fit the trailer. 

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laguam nesbitt
laguam nesbitt

wow i like this got know more about it.get pay twice i like it.



You think you should get permission from the owner first? I would think he would be due some compensation for the use of his equipment. Who's going to provide the insurance for the trailer?


Permission is implied since the trailer is posted as a loadout. Usually insurance questions are clearly described in these types of deals, but it's a good question to ask when you call.


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