2 Jun 15

You want to find the best load possible – the problem is everyone else does too. Every second counts when you're trying to beat the competition, and the difference between 1-2 clicks of a mouse or 1-2 touches on a screen could be the difference between getting a great-paying load and driving empty. 

With Getloaded’s Match My Truck tool, you can find the loads you want with just one press of a button. And with nearly 30 different equipment types and combinations to choose from, we’ve got you covered no matter what you’re running.

How It Works:

With Getloaded, you can just fill out a form once and use it over and over again. You can save a template for every truck you post, including the equipment type, location and destination(s), so the next time you need to post the same info, you won’t have to type everything out again. 

You can use the template for each of your trucks, or create different templates for the lanes you run regularly. Once your truck is posted, you can manage the listing along with any other trucks you've posted under the "Manage" menu.


After you have one or more trucks posted, you can start shaving time off of your load searches by using Match My Truck.

Just click that menu option, and Getloaded will give you instant results for every load posted that matches your trucks.


 That’s it – one click and you’re done. 

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Could it be that rushing next load is costing you money
I've waited a few times this last few weeks to post my truck at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. BrokerS are begging for flatbeds at least, if you're in a rush to get loaded it will cost you money
if we just posted our trucks and then have brokers call us, you would  be surprised how much more money you make
dispatchers trying to cover loads on too many trucks cost their companies a lot of money everyday because they're just trying to get the job done
Got 13.02 a mile 2 weeks ago on 96 mile run


let someone else go broke hauling cheap freight
Rush that mouse click If you want
Broker call me everyday and I get more money per mile


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