5 Aug 21

Three things in life seem certain: Death, taxes, and new trucking regulations. Below is a roundup of the new rules that Congress is considering that could affect your wallet the most.

ELD Mandate

What is it? Requires the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) installed in trucks for all HOS logs rather than the regular paper logs. The latest version of the rule includes measures to prevent driver harassment

When could it happen? DOT expects the Final Rule to be published on Sept. 30. If that happens, carriers would have until October 2017 to comply. 

Click here for more info on driver e-logs

Speed Limiters

What is it? This would require the installation of speed limiting devices on heavy trucks. 

When could it happen? A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is coming soon, which is expected to say what the limit limit and whether the rule will apply to trucks already in use or just new ones. After that would be a public comment period.

Click here for more info on speed limiters

Financial Responsibility

What is it? The FMCSA published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking back in December that recommended raising the minimum “financial responsibility” for carriers. For most small carriers and owner-operators, that means liability insurance. The current minimum is $750,000 for general freight. The ANPR doesn’t suggest a new minimum, but the FMCSA has said that the new minimum could be anywhere from $1.6 million to $3.2 million. 

When could it happen? To be determined. Public comment on the proposed rule ended in February. 

Click here for more info on liability insurance

Carrier Safety Fitness Determination

What is it? This would let the FMCSA assign safety scores that aren’t based on other carriers’ violations, unlike how CSA scores work. A carrier’s SFD could be based on BASIC scores, investigations, and/or on-road safety information. These scores would be another method the FMCSA would use to determine at-risk carrier interventions.

When could it happen? A Final Rule is expected to be published on Sept. 30. 

Click here for more info on carrier safety scores

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Amilcar Rodriguez
Amilcar Rodriguez

This is another reason why Donald Trump is right about  removing all corrupted government people in Washington I agree with him and you should too most of these people are getting money from big companies to do harm to our way of living about which they don't seem to care about.  We as Americans need to stop all of this Avused  ASAP


Duane Edwards
Duane Edwards

Can get a answer to the ELD? Will this be the end of the hot shot carrier's


Freight rates will double and that will put this country in a depression it will never come out of . Between the high cost of insurance whether liability or workman's comp
trucking companies are struggling enough . Truckers don't have high dollar lobbyists to stick up for them .
The conception of the small business being the backbone of the United States is in jeopardy.
Too many lawmakers taking money from big insurance lobbyists.


Too much government over reach.  The log and speed limiters are a result of the big companies trying to interfere with the smaller and non union companies.

The insurance liability increase has been proven not necessary because 97% of all accidents are covered by what is  already in place.  It is being pursued by a Pennsylvania politician that has a family owned law office that sues truckers and wants a bigger pay off.

Do your due diligence and research these topics and then call both your senators and congress person.  If we flood the switchboards with tons of call we can stop some of this.


duane edwards
duane edwards

   What do I tell them? How do I find phone #?  Can we send E-mails to?


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