5 Dec 16

The FMCSA finally published the so-called ELD mandate, so you’ve got a new piece of regulation to worry about, but not for a couple more years. All trucking companies and drivers will have to start using electronic logs for hours of service by Dec. 16, 2017.

Owner-operators were hoping for an exception that would cut small businesses some slack. The FMCSA didn’t exempt small businesses from the ELD mandate, but they did change some things that will hopefully make the move from paper logs cheaper.

What’s In

  • Illegal to use ELDs to harass drivers
  • Companies can be fined for pressuring drivers to violate HOS or other rules
  • You have to keep up to 8 "supporting documents" in your truck
  • You can use your phone or tablet to keep logs, but it has to connect to the engine through the ELD 

What’s Out

  • Your truck’s location doesn’t have to be tracked in real time
  • ELD doesn’t have to include voice or text messaging, i.e. in-cab communication
  • Trucks made before the year 2000 don’t have to have an ELD

What’s Next

  • You've got two years before you have to comply with the new rule

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Not going to comply. Can't afford more expense rates too low. Get out of my way big government you cannot make a one rule fits all that dictates this much and works in all phases of transportation
Dictate hours per day driving and total on duty and leave it at that. The 14 hour rule is totally unproductive


What are the time increments on eld ?


They are broken down, in most cases, by the minute. I have over five years experience with ELD's and I can tell you, that if you are already following the rules, you'll have no problem making the transition to ELD's. However, if you still run the way we did 15 years ago, then you may have a little difficulty. I found as a driver and now as a fleet manager that they do not inhibit productivity, it's the 14 hour rule that causes the problems. But with proper trip planning and a cooperative dispatch, there should be no issues. My drivers have only been using them for about 5 weeks, and they are now really liking the fact that they don't have to be concerned with all the "little things" that they can be fined for, like forgetting shipper info, etc... They even like the fact that they don't have to waste time at all filling in a Log sheet every time they make a duty status change. I hope this was helpful.


I believe most will track to the minute, though the displays on the screen will probably vary.


Steven Centeno
Steven Centeno

There is no way were going to make money now ,  the rate are to cheap so we can't just do one load a day  , we need at least two a day so we can bring food to our families .

Im okay with that , as long they pay at least extra $100.00 per load


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