Apr 28

The next time you’re searching for loads for the trip home, make sure you look at the Dual-Leg Results too. Not only does the feature give you even more options for getting home, but you can also use it to come home with more money in your pocket.

How It Works

Let’s say you’re searching for a flatbed load from Houston to Phoenix. You’ll get a list of loads that match your search as usual, but if you click on the “Dual-Leg Results” button at the top of the page, Getloaded will automatically find routes that include two consecutive loads that will get you to where you’re going.

Click the Dual-Leg Results button at the top of the search results page to see alternative routes that include two consecutive loads.

In the example above, the Dual-Leg Results button suggests alternative routes, with the destination being where you'd deliver the first load. The box under "2nd Legs" tells you the number of loads available in that destination that are headed for Phoenix. In this example, you could deliver a load from Houston to Mission, TX, then pick up a second load going from Rio Grande City, TX, to Phoenix.

Clicking on the load details lets you see the route on the map, including the total number of miles via PC Miler:

Three ways Dual-Leg Results can come in handy:

1. Make More Money

If you’re already making a long trip, it might be more profitable for you to break your return trip up into two shorter ones. The Dual-Leg search can help you avoid what might otherwise be a low-paying backhaul.

2. More Loads to Choose From

Are you delivering a load to a place where it’s sometimes hard to find another load coming out? Using the Dual-Leg Results gives you more options for loads that you wouldn’t find by just looking at search results from Point A to Point B. 

3. Avoid Deadhead Miles

Maybe that standard search from Point A to Point B is giving you plenty of options, but all of them are farther outside of your radius than you’d like them to be. Use the Dual-Leg Search to see if there are any alternative routes that will cut down the deadhead miles.

Questions about how to search Dual-Leg routes? Call our Customer Service team at (888) 565-3921, chat with us live, or tune in for one of our free training sessionsevery Friday at 1 p.m.for Getloaded members. Not already a Getloaded member? Sign up now and find loads today.

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