Jul 28

Cargo theft has been on the rise this year. And unlike previous years, the most common places for these recent thefts are at truck stops and on roadsides, according to CargoNet

Tracking technology and high-tech security locks cost less than they used to, and they are still some of the most effective ways to protect your freight. Below are 5 things to keep in mind while out on the road, to help reduce your risk of being targeted by cargo thieves.

1. Keep moving: You’ve probably heard the old saying “cargo at rest is cargo at risk.” The less time the trailer sits still, the fewer chances the criminals have of getting in it.

2. Don’t stop in the “red zone”:  Most cargo theft happens within the first 200 miles/4 hours from the truck’s starting point. Cargo thieves watch warehouses and distribution centers, and then follow trucks after they’re loaded. Manage your fuel and hours so that you won’t have to stop in those red zones.

3. Park in well-lit areas: Also, look for security cameras and make sure your parking spot is under surveillance.

4. Use your surroundings: If you’re pulling van or reefer freight, don’t park with the trailer doors facing the woods. Back up to buildings or park tail-to-tail with other trucks to keep anyone from being able to pry open the trailer doors.

5. Don’t talk about what you’re hauling: It’s not just electronics that attract thieves. The most targeted cargo is actually food and beverages.

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