Jul 28

When you run a trucking business, you can’t afford to waste time while looking for loads. Instead of having to hit "refresh" on your search to see if a new load has been posted that matches what you’re looking for, the Getloaded load board lets you set an alarm that tells exactly when that load has been posted.

I'll break down how this works on a computer browser first, and then I'll show what it looks like on a phone or tablet.

How to Set Up a Load Alert

1. Save your search – Let's say you're searching for flatbed loads from Huntsville to Atlanta. When you get to the search results page, click the button that says "Search Tools," and you'll see the option to save this search so you won't have to enter the same information over and over again. You can also set up an email alert, so you can get a message sent to your smartphone whenever there's a new load available that matches your search.

2. Turn on alerts – Click on your login name in the top-right corner of the screen, and then click "Account Settings." Now click "Alerts" to see all your saved searches. Check the box next to each search to turn on the alert. You can also choose whether or not you want an alarm to sound when a new load is posted, and you can choose a separate color for every alert you have turned on.

Now you'll get a notification at the bottom-left corner of the screen whenever a new load is posted that matches the saved search. Active alerts refresh automatically every 90 seconds, and letting this run in the background frees you to search for loads in other lanes or to focus on some other part of your business. 

3. Get an email when a load is available – Under the same Search Tools menu where you saved a load search, you can also choose "Create Email Alert." Now you'll get a notification whenever a new load is posted, no matter where you are. To change the alert, go to the Manage menu and click "My Email Alerts." From there you can enable and disable your alerts or change the email addresses that alerts are sent to.

Create Alerts on the Mobile Site

Saving a search and setting up an alert are just as easy on the Getloaded mobile site. First, do a search as you normally would. On the results page, tap on the wrench icon. A menu will pop up that lets you save those search settings and/or create an email alert.

To edit your email alerts, tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen, then choose "My Email Alerts."

Want to learn about more load board features? Getloaded offers member training on Friday every week. Carrier training is 1PM Eastern, and broker training is 2PM.


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