1 Apr 17

Have you noticed something different?

We recently launched a new generation in load searching for Getloaded Version 3 users that delivers relevant searches if your search doesn't deliver more than one page of loads. In other words, instead of having to go back and tweak your search criteria to try and find the right loads, we're doing the work for you now. 

Your exact search results still display at the top of the page, but if your results are limited due to equipment type or distance, you will see another set of results under "Expanded Results". 

This new feature is only available in version 3 of Getloaded, so if you are still using version 2, we encourage you to make the switch if you want to find loads faster. If you're not on version 3 yet, the "other guys" have got a leg-up on you. Freight moves fast on Getloaded, so make sure you are armed with the most efficient and up-to-date features. 

Expanded Results Details:  

  • Load searches that have less than 25 results (one page) will see a new search box of expanded results based upon radius, age and geography
  • Radius will expand up to 500 miles 
  • Geography will expand up to region
  • Age (posting time) will expand out to 8 hours 
  • V2 members will see a message if they do not receive any search results inviting to try V3 
  • Same for truck searches by brokers 

Member Benefits: 

  • Improved search results
  • Fewer repeated search queries
  • More flexible searching for members especially when not sure of radius 

This new search technology will be the cornerstone of many new features to come in 2014 as we work hard to deliver improved search results for our members. 

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