1 Nov 18

Are you making more money than you did last year? While most Americans have seen their wages stay mostly the same in the past few years, truck drivers have gotten some pretty big raises, at least according to the Wall Street Journal. Since 2013, the average income for long-haul truckers has gone up 17%, while wages rose less than 4% for everybody else.

That Wall Street Journal report says that larger carriers increased driver pay as a response to the shortage of drivers, saying that the industry needs an additional 48,000 drivers. 

Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics

From WSJ:

Many freight haulers have in the past year pushed through their biggest raises in decades. Truck-stop job boards and satellite radio airwaves are saturated with want ads, some offering sign-on bonuses topping $5,000 and free bus tickets to drivers willing to switch employers. Companies are equipping their fleets with satellite televisions and other amenities to make life on the road more comfortable.

So have owner-operator salaries kept up the pace? Are you earning more than you did last year? Or is the freedom to be your own boss mean more than the extra money?

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Brent Kotchorek
Brent Kotchorek

I just sold my truck , I was a O/O ,where on earth are these rates going up. TQL, Online freight
were always saying rates are coming down. I use to hall 1800 miles one way AZ. to AB (canada) for 5,200.00 last time I took that export load 3,800.00. Then I would drop down into Idaho and pic up potatoes used to be 2300 now $1800.00. They would say well fuel came down in price , that's too bad truckers O/O can not make extra if we save in fuel costs. It is the foreign O/O that set up trucking companies with their church or mosk money and have unlimited availability to drivers cause they all look similar and run under the same licence. Under cut the rates and puts us out of business,


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