Nov 19

Thousands of Getloaded members have made the switch and are enjoying the benefits of Getloaded 3.0

If you haven’t made the switch yet, here’s what you’re missing out on: 

1. Expanded Search Results:  If you don’t have Getloaded 3.0, you are missing out on loads! Our expanded search results deliver relevant loads if your search doesn't deliver more than 25 loads.

2. Manage Your Favorites: Our manage favorites feature allows you to search for your favorite companies to add them as a favorite, which you can then search for loads posted by just your favorites. This makes it much easier to see all of your favorites in one place and add and remove them whenever you want.

3. Email Alerts: Getloaded 3.0 lets you set up as many as 10 email alerts for saved searches, which lets you get loads that fit your search criteria delivered straight to your inbox. As you know, premium loads move fast and this feature can help you secure them. 

4. GetloadedOps Integration: Members who also use GetloadedOps as their transportation management system (TMS) or dispatch software can directly export loads from the load detail page into GetloadedOps as a new dispatch with 3.0. 

5. Works Great on Tablets: Getloaded 3.0 has been optimized for use on tablet devices so you can stop lugging your laptop out on the road. 

How do I upgrade? 

Step 1. Log in 
Step 2. Click the link at the top of your screen that says "Click here to preview the complete new version"

Step 3. Then you'll be taken to a preview of the new version - go ahead and check out the new features to familiarize yourself
Step 4. When you're ready, click the "Update my version" link in the right-hand corner of your Dashboard

Step 5. Start reaping the benefits of the latest version!

Are you using the latest version? 

Not sure what version of Getloaded you are using? Take a look at the screenshots below to determine your version:  

Getloaded 3.0 (You should upgrade!) 

Getloaded Version 3 (You are good to go!)


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