1 Sep 18

We’ve made some major upgrades to the Getloaded mobile app. All the tools from the old app are still there, but now you get extra time-saving features and flexibility, plus a cleaner design based on member feedback. 

Find Loads with 1 Click

With the new app, you can find loads without even having to type anything. You can just tap Loads Near Me and get a list of loads within 50 miles of you based on your phone's GPS. (You can adjust that to look for loads farther than 50 miles away.)

Get Home Easier

Even better, you can save your home location in the settings, and the app can automatically look for loads that will get you home.

Let’s say you’re based in Dallas and you just delivered a load in Chicago. If you tap Take Me Home, the app will automatically find loads in Chicago that need to go to Dallas.

Mobile Load Board

You can still search for loads anywhere. Just tap "Search," and you get every load board tool in the palm of your hand.

  • Freight rates
  • Credit reports
  • Days to pay
  • Factoring
  • Routes


On the search results screen, you can see credit scores and whether or not factoring is available for every load. When you see a load you want, just tap on the green phone icon to call.

The Getloaded app is available now in the Google Play Store, and soon in the Apple App Store.

Not a customer? Sign up for the Getloaded Load Board and start finding loads right now. 

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Jimmy Burton
Jimmy Burton

Loads from nc to sc and ga will travel further if rate is worth it


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