6 Aug 02

A while back we asked Getloaded members how bad detention times have gotten for their businesses. No surprise: It's bad. Our sister company, DAT TruckersEdge found that 63% of truckers spend an average of more than 3 hours every time they're waiting to get loaded or unloaded.

9 Jun 22

It's been 6 months since Congress passed the law that requires drivers to use electronic logbooks. Carriers and owner-operators have until December 2017 to comply with the new rules, but have some of you already bitten the bullet?

7 May 31

Now's a pretty good time to tidy up the cab and make sure all your paperwork and documents are in order. This year's Roadcheck inspection blitz is coming on June 7th and lasts through the 9th. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be conducting tens of thousands of roadside inspections all across the country, so it could be slow going out there.

8 Feb 29

Last month we asked truckers how bad detention times have gotten. We got a huge response, and most of your votes and comments confirmed what we already thought – detention is still a big pain for owner-operators.

1 Jan 26

Getting detained by a shipper costs owner-operators a lot of money. Even if you can collect a detention fee, it isn't enough to make up for the lost productivity. We want to find out how wide-spread the problem has gotten. Is it better or worse than it used to be?

1 Nov 18

Are you making more money than you did last year? While most Americans have seen their wages stay mostly the same in the past few years, truck drivers have gotten some pretty big raises, at least according to the Wall Street Journal. Have owner-operator salaries kept up the pace?

6 Sep 21

Remember that MC number you jumped through hurdles to get? The one that cost you a small fortune? It looks like MC numbers are going the way of the dodo bird.

Jul 28

Cargo theft has been on the rise this year. Unlike previous years, the most common places for these recent thefts are at truck stops and on roadsides. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while out on the road, to help reduce your risk of being targeted by cargo thieves.

10 Apr 28
While deadheading is obviously expensive, detention time can cost you just as much. Even though a truck isn’t moving doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you money, so what's the best way to get compensated for your time? [More]
3 Feb 25
If you’ve been turning down loads recently because you didn’t have enough trucks available, your first impulse might be to start looking to add to your fleet. Adding a truck is costly, though. Starting your own brokerage might be a less expensive way to grow your trucking business. [More]