1 May 27
Susie Delcoure didn’t know a lot about running a business when she first started STOAKE Trucking. She searched online for how to find loads, which led her to Getloaded. But she didn’t just use the load board to find loads. She used it to build a business network, turning the brokers and shippers she worked with from the load board into the regular customers. [More]
1 Apr 03
Lawrence Jenkins got started in the trucking business by hauling sod in Louisiana. He became an owner-operator in 2005, and with the help of the extra business he’s been getting from the Getloaded load board, he purchased a second truck last year. He plans to buy a third next year. [More]
Mar 19

Thomas Heilemann got his CDL as a backup plan. He joined driving school almost on a whim, but after he got behind the wheel, he was hooked. He started truck driving in 2004, and since he was only 21 years old, he earned a quick nickname "Campus Boy" because other drivers thought he looked more like a college student than a trucker.

Dec 16
Chad Rozanski enlisted in the Army so he could get out of Arkansas and go see the world. After his team suffered an attack in Iraq, he picked up the pieces and started his own trucking company. [More]
Nov 05
Stephen Small enlisted in the Navy in 1977. He expected to get the paperwork for his discharge finalized in October 2001, but 9/11 interrupted everything. Small was suddenly back on active duty and on a submarine in the Middle East – the fifth time he had been deployed to a combat zone. [More]
Oct 17
Those of us in the trucking business are lucky to take part in an industry that serves the country as whole, but none of us would have gotten that chance if not for the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed for us as part of our nation’s military. [More]