1 Sep 18

We’ve made some major upgrades to the Getloaded mobile app. All the tools from the old app are still there, but now you get extra time-saving tools and flexibility, plus a cleaner design based on member feedback.

Aug 20

For a lot of small carriers and owner-operators, the load board is like your sales force. You’re finding customers who are looking to buy your services, and hopefully they turn into repeat customers. If there’s a broker or shipper that you’d like to work with again, a quick way to see what loads they need covered is to add them to your Favorites.

Jul 28

When you run a trucking business, you can’t afford to waste time whiile looking for loads. Instead of having to hit refresh on your search to see if a new load has been posted that matches what you’re looking for, the Getloaded load board lets you set an alarm that lets you know exactly when that load has been posted. [More]

2 Jun 15

You want to find the best load possible – the problem is everyone else does too. Every second counts when you're trying to beat the competition, and the difference between 1-2 clicks of a mouse could be the difference between getting a great-paying load and driving empty.

3 May 19
All over the country, there are empty trailers that need relocating. Many of them are available for loadouts. That means the company that owns the trailer will pay to have it moved, plus you can use the trailer to cover another load. With Getloaded’s new Power Only - Loadout search options, you can find those loads fast and easy. [More]
Apr 28
The next time you’re searching for loads for the trip home, make sure you look at the Dual-Leg Results, too. Not only does it give you even more options for getting home, but you can also use it to come home with more money in your pocket. [More]
4 Mar 19

How often have you called about a load, only to learn that it’s too heavy for your equipment or that it’s lighter than what you’re looking for? Soon, all loads on Getloaded 3.0 will be required to have the weight listed before they're posted on the load board, so you'll have more information up front and can get rid of some of that wasted effort.

1 Jan 27
If you've already made the jump up to Getloaded Version 3, you may have noticed some recent upgrades to the mobile version of our load board. Now it's even easier to find loads from your smartphone or tablet, so you don't have to wait until you're in front of a computer and risk someone else getting the best loads before you can. [More]
189 Nov 25
There’s a lot of freight out there these days. In fact, there's so much that shippers have started relying more and more on LTL to get goods to market – goods that shippers used to ship only when they had a full truckload. [More]
1 Nov 19
For small carriers and owner-operations, the playing field has leveled in a lot of ways. For the mega-carriers, the nationwide driver shortage has made keeping drivers more important than finding loads, while brokers have had trouble finding truckload capacity this year. That's led to a lot of available freight, so how can you make sure you’re not leaving money on the table? [More]