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Jul 28

Cargo theft has been on the rise this year. Unlike previous years, the most common places for these recent thefts are at truck stops and on roadsides. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while out on the road, to help reduce your risk of being targeted by cargo thieves.

Jul 28

Heading to GATS in Dallas next month? We'll have some new Getloaded t-shirts to give away, plus plenty of freebies. Find out how you can get in on the action, plus check out all the new features we've been adding to the load board.

Jul 28

When you run a trucking business, you can’t afford to waste time whiile looking for loads. Instead of having to hit refresh on your search to see if a new load has been posted that matches what you’re looking for, the Getloaded load board lets you set an alarm that lets you know exactly when that load has been posted. [More]

4 Jun 15

Trucking HOS rules are up in the air again. Drivers were finally cut some slack back in December when the most unpopular part of the 2013 hours-of-service bill was rolled back. A DOT funding bill that would make the rollback permanent cleared the first hurdle.

2 Jun 15

You want to find the best load possible – the problem is everyone else does too. Every second counts when you're trying to beat the competition, and the difference between 1-2 clicks of a mouse could be the difference between getting a great-paying load and driving empty.

May 27
Susie Delcoure didn’t know a lot about running a business when she first started STOAKE Trucking. She searched online for how to find loads, which led her to Getloaded. But she didn’t just use the load board to find loads. She used it to build a business network, turning the brokers and shippers she worked with from the load board into the regular customers. [More]
3 May 19
All over the country, there are empty trailers that need relocating. Many of them are available for loadouts. That means the company that owns the trailer will pay to have it moved, plus you can use the trailer to cover another load. With Getloaded’s new Power Only - Loadout search options, you can find those loads fast and easy. [More]
Apr 28
The next time you’re searching for loads for the trip home, make sure you look at the Dual-Leg Results, too. Not only does it give you even more options for getting home, but you can also use it to come home with more money in your pocket. [More]
4 Apr 28
While deadheading is obviously expensive, detention time can cost you just as much. Even though a truck isn’t moving doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you money, so what's the best way to get compensated for your time? [More]
1 Apr 03
Lawrence Jenkins got started in the trucking business by hauling sod in Louisiana. He became an owner-operator in 2005, and with the help of the extra business he’s been getting from the Getloaded load board, he purchased a second truck last year. He plans to buy a third next year. [More]