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Dec 16
Carrier insurance was back in the news this month. The FMCSA finally published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR), and it recommends raising the minimum amount of liability insurance for carriers. The ANPR doesn’t say how much the new minimum will be, though. Before the FMCSA makes that decision, you can give feedback during the public comment period, which ends Feb. 26. [More]
Dec 16
Chad Rozanski enlisted in the Army so he could get out of Arkansas and go see the world. After his team suffered an attack in Iraq, he picked up the pieces and started his own trucking company. [More]
Nov 25
There’s a lot of freight out there these days. In fact, there's so much that shippers have started relying more and more on LTL to get goods to market – goods that shippers used to ship only when they had a full truckload. [More]
Nov 19
For small carriers and owner-operations, the playing field has leveled in a lot of ways. For the mega-carriers, the nationwide driver shortage has made keeping drivers more important than finding loads, while brokers have had trouble finding truckload capacity this year. That's led to a lot of available freight, so how can you make sure you’re not leaving money on the table? [More]
4 Nov 11
By now you’ve probably heard that the FMCSA is looking into raising the minimum amount of insurance that carriers are required to have on their trucks. An Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was filed last month, with the FMCSA claiming that the current minimums of $750,000 for general freight and $1 million for hazardous materials were too low, but they haven’t made a decision on what the new minimum might be. [More]
Nov 05
Stephen Small enlisted in the Navy in 1977. He expected to get the paperwork for his discharge finalized in October 2001, but 9/11 interrupted everything. Small was suddenly back on active duty and on a submarine in the Middle East – the fifth time he had been deployed to a combat zone. [More]
Oct 20
Are you starting your own trucking company? Thinking about making your spouse your business partner? Here are some questions to consider before you open that new business. [More]
Oct 17
Those of us in the trucking business are lucky to take part in an industry that serves the country as whole, but none of us would have gotten that chance if not for the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed for us as part of our nation’s military. [More]
2 Oct 09
How often have you pulled up to a shipper or receiver’s yard, only to be left waiting for hours to get loaded or unloaded? Getting compensated for that detention time is a problem a lot of small carriers or any other driver getting paid by the mile, because extra time spent at the loading docks doesn’t put extra paid miles under the tires. [More]
Sep 24
It’s a point we’ve made plenty times before, but driving is just a part of the trucking business. Another part of the business is IFTA, which requires that carriers file fuel taxes four times a year. In order to file, you have to keep detailed mileage and fuel records, which includes saving all fuel receipts (or tickets for bulk fuel purchases), odometer readings, dates, and miles/kilometers for the state or province you traveled through. You also have to keep these records for four years. [More]